Akruvia 12×4 Playground (Documentation/Product Guide)

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Akruvia 12×4 Playground

A DIY soldering kit for prototyping an ortholinear layout mechanical keyboard.
Switch Compatibility: Kailh Choc v1 (Hot swap).
Bring your own switch, keycap, microcontroller/board, and extra peripherals.
This is for learning, experimentation, and tinkering of both software and hardware.
Be creative!

Product inclusions:

1x Akruvia 12×4 Playground PCB
48x 1N4148 diode
48x SK6812 RGB LED
48x Kailh Choc(version 1) Hot Swap socket

Akruvia 12×4 Playground PCB

Top of the PCB
Bottom of the PCB

Akruvia 12×4 Playground switch matrix

(You can use the header pads or test points for wiring)

Akruvia 12×4 Playground Dimensions


Solder the 48x 1N4148 diodes to the Akruvia 12×4 Playground PCB. (From D1 to D48)

(Mind the polarity. There’s a line on the diode and on the PCB for polarity indication)

STEP 2: (Optional)
Solder the 48x SK6812 RGB LED to the Akruvia 12×4 Playground PCB. (From D49 to D96)

(Mind the orientation of the SK6812, there’s a slant marker on the leg and the solder pad)
(If you’re using a 3.3v logic level microcontroller, it is recommended you have a logic level shifter)
(RGB pin is the DIN of the SK6812MINI-E alongside its VDD and GND located on J1 )

Solder the 48x Kailh Choc Hot Swap sockets. (From SW1 to SW48)

(Do not forget to clean the residue from soldering)

Bring your own preferred Kailh Choc switches and keycaps.
Also bring your own preferred microcontroller/board.
Bring additional stuff for your build. (LEDs, Potentiometers, Rotary Encoders, LCDs, Gesture sensors, Trackballs, Trackpads, etc)

Decide on the wiring of the build.
Decide on the software stack you will use. (QMK is a suggestion, just make sure your microcontroller of choice is compatible)
Be creative with the prototyping area!

Example build/s: