Taipan Garden Noodles

I do not know how to review food, it is subjective. Anyway, I want to talk about what I normally order at Taipan Garden Restaurant. It is located at the heart of San Fernando City, La Union.

The Taipan Garden Noodles has some beef, pork, chicken, and wonton in it. They also serve noodles with just the beef, pork. or chicken. I think they all have some wontons in them. But if you want to try to taste all of them, I really recommend the Taipan Garden Noodles. It is a bang for your buck.

My favorite among the meat is the beef.

I usually put the calamansi that comes with it and some chilli oil. I like the taste better. I also order some iced tea along with this dish. I also ask for chopsticks(oh, not included in the image). But whatever floats your boat.

I think it costs around 200php with the iced tea. I forgot but it is around that, more or less.

This is what their signage looks like. I hope that their customer service, because the day feels like a long one, is improved so that it will complement with their good food offerings.