My first time giving a talk

The event happened on May 9, 2019 at Don Bosco Mandaluyong. Sir Reymart, recommended me to give a talk about IoT. Errol accompanied me, and took some pictures.

My audience was supposed to be 5th year Electronics and Communications Engineering students, and Computer Engineering students. But the ECE students did not make it. I think they had something to do.

Start of the talk

I didn’t know what to talk about back then. So what I did was make a simple IoT project. I made a simple voice-controlled light using Adafruit IO, IFTTT, ESP8266(with Arduino core), Google Assistant.

So I talked about these things that you can use to create an IoT project, I titled my talk “Tools for your IoT”.

Good thing, I made a general purpose relay box which you can connect to any development board for prototyping things with the need to control appliances.

The demo did not go that smoothly because some connection is loose. I should probably solder things next time. Oh well.

The hardware

Some time ago, I tried to make use of DuckDNS and some port forwarding to let IFTTT communicate with the ESP8266 for a proof of concept project. But when we upgraded our PLDT internet subscription, the port forwarding setting on their router is disabled. I think you have to contact them to let it be enabled but I am not sure. Anyway, Adafruit IO eliminates the need for port forwarding. You can also connect from anywhere without generally worrying about the router settings.

A slide from my presentation

The diagram describes how the project works. It is that simple. I gave an overview of what these are and how they relate to one another.

After my talk, we looked around the school. A student gave us a quick tour.

I wonder when and where I will give a talk again. Also about what.